UPDATE 7/11/19: Full source code and assets now released here: https://github.com/Garydos/jump-sword-dash


Movement - Arrow Keys
Jump - Z or Space
Attack - X or Ctrl
Dash - C or Shift

This is a small platformer thing I made with the Kenney  (kenney.nl) 1-bit art package, as well as Eder Muniz's backgrounds (https://edermunizz.itch.io/free-pixel-art-forest).

Consists of one "world" with three levels


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It's lacking the polish of a finished game, but the engine seems pretty solid and everything is functional. This could definitely be expanded upon into something really cool. Nice work.


The controls could be a little better, but I guess that adds up to the game as difficulty. Apart from that it's awesome, keep it up!

I agree that the controls could use some tweaking, I'll keep that in mind if I ever continue this.  Thanks!